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After a two-year absence from my blog and only keeping this domain alive just to use the email address, I decided to redo my blog. Some posts will vanish while some will remain on the web.

A month ago, I returned to the world of college education. I’m enrolled in the political science course of the FernUni Hagen, a college specifically designed for distance learning. I wish I’d started a year or two earlier. I have seven years left in the military, six until I can pursue full-time studies. The distance-learning program will take me six years to finish if all goes well. The military will pay for college, which is nice but not really crucial. It will cost around €1,800 (about $2,000). Not per semester, the whole thing costs that much.

The only reason why they let me start now is that I want to study history after my service. Or maybe military history. I’m not allowed to reach my goal during the service, only after. All education will be after the service, but it seems there’s more money involved.

There are multiple reasons why I study political science (and organization and sociology; it’s all one course). One is the availability. There are schools designed for distance-learning, but not many offer history or political science. History would have been my first choice, but there’s a severe lack of history courses. As a reference for military history, I used the University of Potsdam. Meanwhile, they offer a master’s degree in War and Conflict Studies. They require a bachelor’s degree in history, political or social sciences.

Another reason is my dream to write or possibly educate about military history or politics. A former teammate in my softball team was a freelance writer and told me not to study journalism if I want to write, instead, study something I want to write about. Well, here I am.

Studying political science has a nice side effect. It helps to understand current events. It prepares for future decisions. The United States will elect their new president in less than a week. Many European countries will vote in 2017. While Europeans laugh at the United States for their election, they will be in the same circus a year later. I’ll throw one name in the ring: Alexis de Tocqueville. I could go on about why history and politics are so important in the present time and the near future, but I’ll save that for another day.